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Ways to give


Since our inception, we have worked with generations of donors to create a better, more inclusive Bay Area and beyond. Whether you’re a new or experienced donor, we meet you where you are by providing customized, easy and empowering philanthropic service. We offer a number of giving tools for individuals, families and businesses.

Open a Fund

  • Donor Advised Fund: For donors seeking active involvement in philanthropy, donor advised funds are a flexible giving vehicle that will help you to achieve your philanthropic goals.
  • Customized Funds: For donors wishing to create a fund to support specific named areas of interest or particular nonprofits in an efficient and reliable fashion, customized funds can be endowed to last in perpetuity or non-endowed to be spent over time. Minimum fund size varies depending on whether a fund is endowed or non-endowed.

Include the foundation or your fund in your estate plansFor donors who wish to provide sustaining, impactful support in perpetuity for the future needs of a specific organization or an issue that you select.

Create a Supporting Organization: For donors wishing to establish a separate giving entity, similar to a private foundation, within the San Francisco Foundation.

Directly support the foundation’s equity and inclusion work.

What To Give

Donors have a variety of giving options to choose from when creating a new giving fund or adding to an existing fund. We accept a range of assets to make giving convenient and simple.

Donors can contribute:

  • Cash/credit card
  • Securities
  • Mutual funds
  • Closely held stock
  • Pre-IPO stock
  • Partnership interests
  • Real estate

To help identify the best vehicle for your giving, please contact us at donorservices[at] or (415) 733-8590.