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UNDP’s Elsie Attafuah launches the “OBUNTUBULAMU” Handbook

“Obuntubulamu is very critical for social transformation, peace and development … the new energy will help the country in achieving the goals to eliminate poverty, inequality and exclusion to achieve sustainable development for the benefit of all Ugandans”.

– UNDP Country Rep. to Uganda, Ms. Attafuah –

Today, 14th December, 2022, Ms. Elsie Attafuah the UNDP in Uganda Resident Representative launched the Obuntubulamu Handbook. The Handbook which is one of the four tools being developed by the Nnabagereka Development Foundation and the UNDP as part of their joint initiative for the Revival of Obuntubulamu (ethic values of humanness).

Ms. Attafuah, observed that obuntubulamu is very critical for social transformation, peace and development. She said that the new energy will help the country in achieving the goals to eliminate poverty, inequality and exclusion to achieve sustainable development for the benefit of all Ugandans.

The Nnabagereka, who is also the patron of the Nnabagereka Development Foundation observed that the COVID 19 and recent Ebola epidemic highlighted both the best and worst of humanity. HRH the Nnabagereka noted that the epidemics and the economic crisis the world is having to deal with raises the need to re-evaluate our priorities and social contracts. These experiences she noted, pointed to the need to rebuild and strengthen our human values.

The function was attended by a number of dignitories, among them was the outgoing Bishop of Namirembe Diocese Wilberforce Luwalira Kityo and Owek Waggwa Nsibirwa

She stressed that Obuntubulamu is built on the belief of the ancient African philosophy that individual conduct reflected by good manners; generosity; respect, and compassion towards others is part of the answer to many of the world’s problems.

She reiterated the need to focus on revival of Obuntubulamu, especially starting within the homes. She noted that the handbook is a good starting point for the parents and rest who are wondering on where to start.

Ow’ek Robert Waggwa Nsibirwa delivering a speech at the launch of Obuntubulamu Handbook

Oweek. Robert Waggwa Nsibirwa, the Second Deputy Katikkiro who also doubles as Minister for Finance for the Kingdom of Buganda noted that Obuntubulamu is an accepted and consistent behavior that signifies a shared set of values which promote well-being, and unity. He observed that these values are consistent with the vision of Paul Harris who was at the center of starting at the center of the work that is being done by Rotary International.

Andrew Adrian Mukiibi, the Foundation Manager, Nnabagereka Development Foundation, while making opening remarks, said that reviving these values will teach the children right from a tender age to advance good behavior and to be sensitive to their society and the people in it.

Elizabeth Lwanga, the Obuntubulamu Technical advisor, said that the handbook is a result of research and collaboration of other cultural institutions that spans over 5 years. She noted that the Acholi, Alur, Buganda, Bunyoro and Busoga cultural institutions were very instrumental in the development of the concept that informs the revival of Obuntubulamu.

Rt. Hon. Prince Lawrence Opar Angala, Jalsonge, the Prime Minister of the Alur Chiefdom, applauded the Kingdom of Buganda for its efforts to preserve and save the country on Moral decay.

The Nnaabagereka Sylvia Nagginda flanked by UNDP’s Elsie Attafuah (R) at the function.

The launch was attended by, among other guests, the UK Deputy High Commissioner, Louise Ellis, Oweek. Phillip Katahoire – Bunyoro Kitara, Oweek. Dr. Joyce Abaliwano Mulebeke – Busoga Kingdom, Hon. Bob Opio Oketch – Alur Kingdom and Rwot Collin Atiko – Ker Kwaro Acholi.