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The Foundation helps children, youth and women in their communities use Obuntubulamu as the key that unlocks new possibilities for a better tomorrow.

The massive growth of complex threats to human progress calls for the replacement of old yet questionable tools and ways of thinking with culture-informed approaches in tackling development issues. And that’s where we come in.

Nnabagereka Development Foundation leverages culture to help children, youth and women in their communities to not only immerse themselves in Obuntubulamu but learn to use it to their advantage to become more agile, creative, innovative and successful in a changing, largely unpredictable world.

Examples of Obuntubulamu values are; Sense of Shame, Morality, Honesty, Empathy, Civic engagement, Self-reliance, Responsibility, Transparency, and Integrity. Proactive, Leadership, Civility, Humility, Cleanliness, Selflessness.

We work with different leaders, institutions and governments to ensure that Obuntubulamu is mainstreamed in all their programmes and interventions. This is rooted in our belief that all that has gone wrong in all aspects of our lives is to a large extent because we have lost the anchoring in these human values (Obuntubulamu).


Through our projects we change lives by enabling people gain vital ‘Obuntubulamu-informed’ skills for self-sustenance and their overall futures. That’s why we work so hard to make sure that we involve as many people as possible in our target groups.
The two core projects we run under this programme are:

  1. Ekisaakaate kya Nnabagereka (Royal Enclosure)
  2. Sexual  Reproductive Health.

1. Ekisaakaate Kya Nnabagereka

The Ekisaakaate Kya Nnabagereka (EKN) is a mentorship camp that is rooted in an ancient kiganda (from the kingdom of Buganda) cultural tradition of grooming boys in the area of social etiquette, discipline, personal grooming and imparting important cultural values central to their heritage.

Glass ceiling shattered

Recognisant of power and vibrancy of the girl child, HRH the Nnabagereka Sylvia Nagginda gave EKN a contemporary face by opening it up to both girls and boys, and juxtaposing contemporary values alongside Buganda positive cultural values.

A multitude of activities

EKN grounds its grooming in a cultural framework, under a camp setting with in-class sessions, storytelling, dialogues, traditional fireplace (Kyoto) interactive discussions and practical sessions in the domestic arts. Participants contextualise and implement skills acquired when they return to their homes or communities. There is also a great deal of emphasis on creating a learning environment that is both fun and informative.

2. Sexual Reproductive Health

The Foundation contributes to the national adolescent sexual and reproductive health policy by influencing positive behaviour change among adolescents. This the foundation does through its EKN Mentorship camps, public rally and health camps.

Focus on adolescents

The Foundation also promotes an enabling social – cultural environment for provision of better health and information services for young people by engaging and interacting with parents and guardians of adolescents to understand and support their adolescent children.


13,516 young people mentored

The Ekisaakaate kya Nnabagereka – a children’s holiday camp modelled on the royal enclosure – has mentored 13,516 young people, of which 67% girls.

The Foundation

NDF is directly involved in the community with its unique activities.


Our Royal Founder

Inspiring, passionate and committed to supporting children, youth, women.

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In 2000, our Royal Founder envisioned NDF to leverage culture for development.

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