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We keep our target audience at the heart of everything we do. We strive to understand their unique challenges and strengths, and then tailor our approach accordingly.

We give our everything to help the most vulnerable members of our society by leading our Foundation to play to their strengths, acceptance and involvement. We then amplify these attributes to attend to their problems … and we hold ourselves accountable for everything through-and-through.

It all begins with identifying a community challenge

The title of the Queen in Buganda Kingdom is the Nnabagereka, the title refers to one that apportions. As we ‘apportion’ thus we want to help the most vulnerable members of our society by leading our Foundation to play to their strengths.

To meet this expectation, the NDF uses Buganda Kingdom structures. The Foundation conducts social research and community engagement to identify community strengths and problems. The strengths are amplified and problems are attended to, taken notice of with sympathy, vigilance, and approbation.

How do we address the problem?

We work with cultural structures and communities to create transformational change, amplifying the beneficiaries’ strengths while addressing their needs.
We provide tailored support, connections and flexible funding to model the truth that each of us has a role to play in life.

The Foundation is responsible for these initiatives;

  • Sparking community dialogues to confront community challenges.
  • Providing structural support.
  • Providing personalised mentor-ship and training.
  • Partnering with like-minded organisations and providing direct intervention.
  • Influencing policy through the cultural voice
  • Striving to bring about positive norms for change.
  • Establishing a team of community volunteers wherever we work.
  • Supporting in the execution of the intervention.
  • Maintaining and ensuring sustainability of the achievement long after our departure.


We work with the communities through volunteers, most of whom are engaged within the Kingdom structures. Funding and contributions come from individuals, public and private organisations committed to the Foundation’s vision for social transformation and society’s overall good.

The Foundation

NDF is directly involved in the community with its unique activities.


Our Royal Founder

Inspiring, passionate and committed to supporting children, youth, women.

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In 2000, our Royal Founder envisioned NDF to leverage culture for development.

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