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Since 2000, we have been challenging established thinking on how to address development challenges. With our culture-driven approach, we have made a significant difference in the lives of children, youth and women in Uganda and elsewhere.

Through our programming, we continue to empower these vulnerable groups that are all too often locked out of opportunity in Uganda and around the world and equip them with the tools, skills, and networks they need for future success.

“We are committed to the realisation of a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable children, youth and women. That means Obuntubulamu across responsible, vibrant, healthy, educated,  violence-free, economically-thriving, civically-engaged and peaceful communities.”

Her Royal Highness the Nnabagereka of Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda

Equity, Social Justice, Peace

We have deconstructed dominant gender narratives and stereotypes

At the launch of the “HeForShe Campaign”– a collaborative initiative between NDF and UN Women Uganda – in 2017, His Majesty the Kabaka outlawed domestic violence as a cultural violation and declared the protection of women and girls’ rights, personal security, and physical integrity as a societal responsibility.

Health, Human Rights and Social Justice

The Nnabagereka has delivered the Foundation’s Commitment to the Tenets of our Mission

HRH the Queen of Buganda (Nnabagereka) has driven the Foundation’s efforts in advocating for safe motherhood, nutrition, immunisation, malaria eradication, reproductive health and family planning, women’s rights, adolescent, sexual and reproductive health rights. Nnabagereka spearheads immunisation campaigns, anti-malaria campaigns which provide mosquito nets, campaigns against cross-generational sex, and supports initiatives to provide access to safe water.

Women Empowerment, Health, Economic Development

Transforming the world for women

In Partnership with Maka Pads Limited Her Highness has equipped women’s groups in Kampala with skills to make affordable and environmentally friendly sanitary towels that have improved sanitation, reproductive health and household incomes.

Health, Empowerment, Economic Development

Sexual & Reproductive Health: HIV/AIDS Behavioural Change Campaign Reaches 4,210 Out-of-School Youth; Women & Girls Empowered to Make Sanitary Pads.

The Nnabagereka through the Foundation and other initiatives has used her status, privilege and networks to register key successes in the area of health, including: advocacy on HIV/AIDS especially for women, girls, and youth out-of-school; distribution of hundreds of mosquito nets to rural areas; support to a number of women’s groups making affordable sanitary towels.

NDF is currently implementing a HIV/AIDS behavioural change program with UMCOR Health, called ‘Our ways, Our Destiny’ and has so far reached 4,210 out of school youth.

Health, Economic Development

Our Anti-Cross Generational Sex Campaign has Reached 5,500 Pupils in 11 Secondary Schools.

In partnership with Population Services International (PSI), we have implemented a countrywide Anti-Cross Generational Sex Campaign that reached 5,500 pupils in 11 secondary schools.

NDF-led Groundbreaking National Immunisation Campaigns Drive a Record Increase in Response.

Her Royal Highness the Nnabagereka has diligently spearheaded national immunisation campaigns that saw an increase in immunisation.

Leadership, Social Development

13,516 Young People (67% Girls) Mentored through Ekisaakate

Ekisaakaate, a children’s holiday camp modeled on the royal enclosure, has mentored 13,516 young people (67% girls). It is a complex, iterative, interpretive and integrative process that inherently evokes innovative and creative responses. Those mentored exhibit improvement in public speaking, communication, an eagerness to positively impact society and are now peer mentors.

Literacy, Economic Development

Prepared for the Future: 850 Children Have Benefited from Finance Literacy

The Foundation has worked with Finance Trust Bank to integrate financial literacy as part of the Ekisaakaate kya Nnabagereka curriculum to support children enhance their financial independence. A total of 850 children have benefited from the programme in the last 2 years. We expect to train another 2000 children under this programme in the next three years.

Education, Equality , Equity

Increased Girls’ Access to University Education

The Foundation has contributed to having more girls access university education by providing bursaries for girls to attain university education. We have donated computers to Makarere University Female Sponsorship Foundation to which our Royal Founder, HRH Sylvia Nagginda has been patron.


Dental Health Services Delivered to 600 Children

With support from the Indian Association of Uganda which provided a mobile dental clinic, the Foundation has – in partnership with the Rotary Club of Kampala – provided dental services to vulnerable children. A total of 600 children have so far benefited from this project.

Cultural & Linguistic Diversity, Equity, Peace

Obuntubulamu piloted in 10 of KCCA’s 79 Primary Schools; 68,000 Children and 1,300 Teachers Benefit

Piloted in 10 out of the 79 Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) primary schools that host over 68,000 children and 1,300 teachers from diverse cultural backgrounds and languages to use obuntubulamu as a norm, tool and programme to uplift the moral status and unity among the young generation.

Special Education, Health,  Equity,  Social Justice

Support for the Disabled and Orphaned

The Foundation for 5 years ran Primary School Bursary scheme for disadvantaged that has benefited over 300 girls, in 20 primary schools across 10 Districts of Uganda. Through the project vulnerable and orphaned girls were provided with school fees, sanitary towels and scholastic materials. Children with special learning needs were given learning materials, wheel chairs and sustainable sources of improved nutrition.

The Foundation has provided support to children with special needs at institutions such as Kampala School for Physically Handicapped, Makindye Preparatory School, Sanyu Babies Home, and Katalemwa Cheshire Home for Physically Handicapped.

Education, Health

Support for School Improvements has resulted in increase Enrolment

The Foundation strengthened the Masooli Church of Uganda Primary School by building a clinic, a classroom block, washrooms and water tanks to provide primary health care embedded in community participation. Parents were also mobilized to provide a midday meal for the students. All these have contributed to an increase in student enrolment from the 189 at the commencement of the project to the current 382.

The Foundation

NDF is directly involved in the community with its unique activities.


Our Royal Founder

Inspiring, passionate and committed to supporting children, youth, women.

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In 2000, our Royal Founder envisioned NDF to leverage culture for development.

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