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Agreeably all human development and human rights concerns have gender dimensions. The challenge therefore is to bring out women’s potential to achieve progress for all. NDF fights to end violence against women, trains and mentors women to engage in entrepreneur and enterprise management as well as promoting initiatives that amplify female participation in leadership roles at all levels.

Violence and discrimination against women and children is rife and it hurts everyone.  Many women do not have equal access to the tools and resources they need to create better homes and living conditions for all.

All too often they are locked out when it comes to justice, factors of production – land, labour market, entrepreneurship and capital/credit -, to information, to services, to education, to technology, as well as decision-making and leadership roles.

To address the barriers and obstacles that make it harder for women to advance in almost all areas of life, the Nnabagereka Development Foundations provides women with the tools and resources that empower them for success. Additionally we support initiatives that aim to promote gender equality and diversity in an effort to reduce poverty and improve development outcomes for women.


To tap women’s potential, the Foundation runs three projects namely;

  1. Eliminate Violence against Women and Children
  2. Beautiful Homes
  3. Women in Leadership

1. Eliminate Violence against Women and Children

Our projects aim to eliminate violence against women and children. The change in the status of women has several causes. One is the inexorable logic of the expanding moral circle.  This was reinvigorated by HM the Kabaka’s (King of Buganda) pronouncement that violence against women is against our culture.

Anchored in Obuntubulamu, we work with cultural, religious, community leaders, and elders to develop a moral imagination that will lead to the elimination of violence against women and children. We’re aware that violence has lifelong adverse effects on socio-economic and health outcomes of women and children and are using the cultural voice to articulate an ethical society.

2. Beautiful Homes

Women are trained and mentored to engage in entrepreneur and enterprise management. They are also skilled to be the Obuntubulamu champions in the home and provided with an Income Generation Activity (IGA).  This will contribute to a beautiful home which is self-sufficient with access to basic needs.

3. Women in Leadership

Under this project the Nnabagereka Development Foundation identifies women in business and governance positions at the village level, and these are paired with mentors who mentor them to grow. The aim is to see women-led village business expand to district and national level. In the same regard, we intend to see more women taking up leadership positions in social and political spheres at levels higher than the village.

We have deconstructed dominant gender narratives and stereotypes.

At the launch of the “HeForShe Campaign” in 2017, a collaborative initiative between the Foundation and UN Women Uganda, His Majesty the Kabaka outlawed domestic violence as a cultural violation and declared the protection of women and girls’ rights, personal security, and physical integrity as a societal responsibility.

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