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EKN Naliyo Think Tank High Tea

Last Friday, was dampened by a heavy downpour, but this did not dampen the spirit of the Ekisaakaate Kya Nnabagereka alumni who attended the inaugural high tea. It was heart-warming to enter the meeting place that was filled with an aroma of freshly brewed African Coffee.

It wasn’t long before we started treating ourselves to the pastries, coffee, and spiced African tea. There was something delightful about the treat while listening to the memories and aspirations of Alumni that have now become a family.

Mr Iga Zinunula Samuel was a really good choice for the inaugural high tea. He took us through a journey that triggered an internal reflection. His call for us to always look at all challenges, as an opportunity is something that still resonates with what has now turned out to be my aspiration of becoming an innovator.

Success is premised on discipline, commitment, planning and health said Mr Iga. Whereas, it was not the first time I was hearing this, the revelation that we need to focus on self, through upholding the biological, emotional, spiritual and financial health really hammered the point home.

With the clock ticking away, it was time to retire home, but no one was ready to leave yet. It was evidently a captivating engagement. But since planning is a tenant of success, we had to call it a day. Everyone loved the whole experience.

“Success is premised on discipline, commitment, planning and health … focus on self, through upholding the biological, emotional, spiritual and financial health.”

Iga Zinunula Samuel, Enterpreneur

The high tea, a gathering with the Alumni now becomes an honoured traditional of relaxation, fun, a time catch up with EKN participants turned friends.

The first high tea for the EKN Naliyo think tank was a great success, and we hope to see it grow with time in exciting new ways yet striving for ‘Exceptionality and Personal Growth’ as we look forward to many more ‘High Teas’.

An attendee of the inaugural EKN Alumni high tea contributed to this article

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