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Addressing Hand-washing and Mask-wearing in light of COVID19

“Hand-washing is supposed to be a part of our daily hygiene yet to many people in Uganda this seems to be a ‘challenge’ 

– Health Experts –

Addressing Hand washing and Mask wearing in light of COVID19
With the COVID 19 situation, a dire need for people to adapt to the standard operating procedures such as social distancing, hand-washing, and mask wearing has been created.

As such, The Nnabagereka Development Foundation, alongside various partners, are addressing this by training people in the making face masks and tippy taps.This is through the use of clothes and elastics for the masks and jerry cans for the tippy taps.

Hand-washing with soap and water remains the cheapest and most easy means of combating the COVID19. However, what happens when the water is scarce, and soap is considered a luxury?

According to health experts, Hand-washing is supposed to be a part of our daily hygiene; yet, to many people in Uganda this seems to be a “challenge”.

Water remains a rare commodity seldom used for hand washing and sparingly used for drinking and cooking.

Participants explain how they understand the values of Obuntubulamu

The Foundation’s approach ensures that most families have a tippy tap and can efficiently make their masks to prevent the spread of COVID19.

Conclusively, The Foundation with support from our patron HRH Nnaabagereka Sylvia Nagginda is sharing videos on COVID 19 prevention and resilience. This is to better equip the public with vital information on preventative measures.